Life Coaching

Sinnvoll Leben gestalten

Moving to Germany

It is a fact that people who leave their own mother country are very intelligent, full of courage and perseverence. Upon arrival in a foreign country new challenges and surprises are awaiting. Every day brings new situations where decisions have to be made. I acknowledge your courage and your self-confidence.

Basic needs and a big picture

But, let us be practical - for the start you need a place to stay, some money and a reliable source of information to assimilate quickly. You feel like on the frontier, torn apart between old and new culture. It's important to articulate your values and beliefs and to remain proud of your culture. It's also important to become aware of new rules, get to their bottom and see where you need to conform and where NOT.

Each of us has already got a lot of inner wisdom that guides us - we will take time together to reflect on your inner treasures!

My mission

Now, this is where I might be of some help to you. My mission about life coaching is to guide you to make the right choices about your existence - about dealing with yourself, other people, work and organizing your life here.

As a life coach and former refugee with 30 years of successful residence in Germany plus 25 years in an international setting I am glad to offer you my professional support. Please call me for up to 30 minutes free to get to know each other.